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KelsieKatt's gameplay for BloodRayne (PS2)

KelsieKatt played BloodRayne

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KelsieKatt said...
  • frustrated
This game is actually a lot worse than I remembered it being. Horrendously repetitive maze-like environment, and there's only 1 melee attack button. o_O

Still mildly amusing in a sort of guilty pleasure way of running around spraying blood in all directions, watching the enemies scream in agony and drinking their blood, but not really worth much else beyond that... I doubt I'll ever play it again or buy a copy for myself in the future.

The Butcheress in particular was just downright cheap. Making a boss entirely based around having the same abilities as Rayne, but simply more powerful just does not work in this game's favor at all. The concept isn't all that bad of an idea in theory, as it's worked fine in the past in games like Ocarina of Time for example, but this is just awful. The main issue being that the entire combat system is based entirely around, as I said before, 1 f***ing attack button. Not smart. The only viable strategy for actually killing her is to basically activate Blood Rage and then simply wail on her the entire fight before she has a chance to react, hoping that you're lucky enough to kill her before she manages to counter your attacks. This is made even worse by the fact that a single hit for her can cause Rayne to become stunned and unable to react or move, and the resulting combo after the initial hit can knock down your healthbar anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3, which can easily result in you getting 2 shotted. This is especially baffling considering the entire rest of the game prior is laughably easy, so the difficulty spike (or rather more like cheating) is downright jarring. None of which carries over AFTER the resulting battle, as the game goes immediately back to being pitifully easy again.

I think I'm starting to get close to the end now, as I've just hopped into a mech suit while fighting my way through the final castle area in the game. Although, I'm going to take a break for now. More poor design choices are coming up as an issue again. The mech suit in question can't actually dodge anything, which essentially means the only viable means of winning is to basically pound on the firing buttons, spraying bullets, missiles, and grenades repeatedly until the enemy dies. I didn't actually attempt it very far yet, but I get the feeling this segment is probably going to be extremely annoying as a result, unless they give you more significantly more health than you actually need.

BloodRayne (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 16/OCT/02
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