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KelsieKatt's gameplay for God of War II (PS2)

KelsieKatt played God of War II

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KelsieKatt said...
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Decided to finally get around to playing the second game. So far, it seems fairly true to the original.

Not exactly fond of the new fighting style for the 2 handed sword I picked up temporarily during the Colossus fight. I imagine it's probably going to return later in the game... I vastly prefer the Blade of Artemis from the original game though. This new sword just doesn't feel like it has much power behind it when I swing it around. Rather light and flimsy...

The Colossus fight, while cool 'looking' was actually kind of annoying to some extent, some of the puzzles like figuring out how the catapult works, and how to dodge were a bit frustrating to figure out. The dodging part on the docks segment is extremely annoying trying to figure out what works and doesn't work as the way the arms swing around and the camera angle is very deceptive looking. The final fight segment was also surprisingly lame... They actually put a sword in front of you and taunt you with it, giving you just enough time to ALMOST grab it, but then the colossus slaps you away. After trying to find some kind of alternative, it turns out you basically just have to poke the colossus's hand repeatedly until it gets stunned or run up to it and use the chain range on your weapon to poke it's stomach repeatedly... Which is rather lame and overly simplistic. I actually had to look it up online because I thought there was something I was missing.

The storyline at the moment is a bit laughable, but I'm not very far in yet anyway, so maybe it will improved. Seriously though... did Kratos honestly think the gods would turn a blind eye to him abusing his god powers to conquer the world... *facepalm*
God of War II

God of War II (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 13/MAR/07
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