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KelsieKatt's gameplay for Prince of Persia (PS3)

KelsieKatt played Prince of Persia

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KelsieKatt said...
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Finally got around to playing this game after having it on my shelf for a while.

So far, it's pretty, I'll give it that. Although, the characters are not exactly compelling, to say the least, and I don't even know why this game is called Prince of Persia, considering he's not actually a Prince. He's just a smartass thief who gets thrills out of stealing.

Other than that, the platforming is drastically over-simplified, and the the combat system is laughable at best. Most enemies and bosses can be killed by simply walking over to a ledge, jumping over them and kicking them off the side. On the other hand, considering the combat isn't very fun to begin with, perhaps it's best that it's easy so far. Means I can get back to the platforming more quickly.

These light seeds are extremely lame as well. Forcing you to backtrack through an entire level you JUST played so you can earn the abilities required to progress. Talk about a lazy way to pad out the game length... I expect better from you Ubisoft.
Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia (PS3)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 02/DEC/08
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